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Mindfulness Teacher and Coach

My name is Gudjon Bergmann—GB for short. I help people achieve clarity, navigate through transitions, manage stress, reduce anxiety, and write books. I am a certified coach and mindfulness teacher with a background in yoga and meditation. Helping people is my passion, and I've been doing it since 1996. 

Note: I am not taking on new clients at the moment.


Here is what some of my clients have to say.

"Gudjon is a masterful coach and guide. He brings grounded practicality to the daunting process of building your dream career. In just a few sessions, we were able to create a solid 10-year plan anchored in my values, with a roadmap of step-by-step goals to get there. Highly recommended for anyone carving out a unique path and looking for support."

Joseph Mach
Texas, USA

"I just want to give my deepest gratitude to Gudjon. He is absolutely brilliant and I really love working with him. If you are looking to be supported with kindness, clarity, action steps, and wisdom, he is the coach for you. From the first moment I talked to him, I was met with such a warm and genuine energy that put me right at ease. After every session, I felt better and more in control and with guidelines on how to move forward in an effective, aligned way."

Yuko Turnbull

“Gudjon has the ability to make me feel comfortable and trust that what I say will not be judged. His reflective techniques and ability to help me naturally pause and take stock of my behavior is quite helpful. It allows me to recognize behaviors for what they are and put them in perspective with what I want them to be or become. Change, then, is my prerogative. His sense of humor allows me to lighten the moment and smile at the process and myself. It is a joy to work with him.”

Jon Morse
New Mexico, USA

"Working with Gudjon was crisp and clear from beginning to end.  My personal season of fog, exhaustion and uncertainty was led with impeccable boundaries and skill leaving an empowered path forward.  I will call on Gudjon again with confidence and comfort."

Jessica Benton
Texas, USA

"If you have been looking for a superstar life coach that combines deep intuition, wisdom and lived experience addressing all aspects of life's challenges from spiritual to vocational, Gudjon is that coach. He helped me navigate the most challenging season of my life, arriving on the other side renewed, aligned and purpose-filled. Gudjon has my highest recommendation."

Diane Kalen-Sukra

"Here’s a perfect way to finally focus your mind and your heart on that illusive “next step”. Are you so busy getting through today that you can’t take time to focus on tomorrow? Does “planning ahead” mean having something to do next weekend before Friday afternoon? That was my problem. Gudjon’s program is a perfect way to kickstart thinking about the next chapter. In a few sessions, he had me verbalizing and writing down where I wanted to be in five years and how I could start on that path right now. These sessions were creative and thoughtful without feeling forced. You control the direction of the conversation. Gudjon listens and then plays back what he heard. It was just the thing I needed to cement some concrete goals and actions. Highly recommend his approach!"

Rosemary Abowd Schwendler
New York, USA

"Working with Gudjon was wonderful!  With his program and his support, I was able to clearly define and move forward with an idea for a new program that I wanted to create. It was a fun and supportive experience and a great way to be held accountable for what I said I wanted to be up to."

Stephanie Johnson
Colorado, USA

"I had been in a career and Life slump. I was not happy with my current career path, and I was unclear about my next steps. After four decades, I made the decision to leave the San Francisco Bay Area and settle in Delaware. As you can imagine, it was a challenging transition. I felt like I was floundering. Each time we met, Gudjon asked strategic questions, inviting me to look at my life, where I wanted to be, and what I would want to be doing. I appreciated his pointed questions and sage insights. He offered simple home study to consider between sessions. What I appreciated most was his intuitive and collaborative approach. Offering feedback and things about which to consider. I am now more grounded, and my path and next steps are clear. I am so grateful for Gudjon’s support. It came at a time when I really needed it. I highly recommend him as a coach."

Rev. Dr. Ouida Joi Cooper-Rodriguez, M.A.
Delaware, USA

"I found Gudjon a person that is easy to open up to. His coaching helped me understand who I was, what my beliefs were and where I was going without ever hinting at what I should do. Another step for me in my spiritual quest."

Gary Kanaby
Texas, USA

“I spent the past two years writing my first book/memoir. When I was done, I turned to Gudjon Bergmann with Communicator Blueprints to see if he could help me carry things to a point of publishing. I chose Gudjon because of his vast experience in writing books (18 at the time), his background in presenting his works, and his open "can do" nature. I was not disappointed. Gudjon helped me set realistic goals by patiently taking me through the process. He was also very fair and reasonable in relation to the cost. Gudjon made the process easy and enjoyable. His background in motivation was especially beneficial in terms of keeping me feeling good about what I had worked so hard to accomplish. I wholeheartedly recommend Gudjon Bergmann for his knowledgeable "end to end" book process instruction to anyone who is writing a book or considering writing a book. I would have been lost without his help...”

John Davidson
Author of Driven with Heart: From Challenging Childhood to Debt Free Millionaire
Texas, USA